Nintendo Shows Off Improved Wii U Menu Speeds Slated For April Update [VIDEO]

By Trevor Ruben , Updated Mar 27, 2013 09:23 AM EDT

When Nintendo's Wii U came came out last November there was criticism for the general sluggishness of the console's home screen transitions, particularly when going to and from games. Nintendo promised improvements in a scheduled system update sometime in April, and now the company has put out video showing users the changes. Check it out below.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata took to Miiverse to inform users of the upcoming update, which is the first of two planned for spring and summer.

"We still have tests remaining," he writes, "and it will take a little more time until we can release the update. But today, we have prepared a video so you can see how the loading time will change when returning to the Wii U Menu with the system update." Iwata also took the opportunity to remind Miiversers out there how he plans on airing Nintendo Direct events direct to the Wii U, making my job as irrelevant as possible," he writes.

Splitting the video into before and after the update, the clip shows a user leaving "New Super Mario Bros. U" for the home menu, cutting off about 15 seconds of the "After" side's wait time, which totaled at 22 seconds. You do the math, that's a seven second wait under what Nintendo is no doubt presenting in ideal conditions for the console. The update also eliminates a brief "Please Wait" loading screen at the tail-end of the waiting period.

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