‘No Man’s Sky’ Release Date, News & Update: Sony Blocks Players Asking For Refund? Sony Denies Such Allegations

By Bernie Y. , Updated Oct 22, 2016 01:13 PM EDT

Dismayed fans of "No Man's Sky" are now taking their horrible experience with Sony to various online outlets after asking for a refund. Expressing the injustice of how Sony treated them after the release of the game. They claim that Sony as blocked from accessing PSN Support chat after asking for a "No Man's Sky" refund.

Blocking Players From PSN Support Chat

After news of "No Man's Sky" false expectations made news, The Wolf Hall came across three NeoGAF thread discussions about the horrible experience of several disgruntled players. The players expressed similar experience of being unable to access the PSN chat after demanding a refund.

While some of the "No Man's Sky" players got their refund, the gesture was just a one-time courtesy from Sony. The experience was so bad that some players don't want to pre-order from the company anymore.

The only way to access the PSN chat is to use a different username. However, reports believe that Sony agents may end the chat once they realize the purpose of it. There's no proof that Sony is indeed blocking "No Man's Sky" players, who got refunds for the game. The internet is still filled with stories of players claiming that their PSN IDs were blocked by the CS chat.

Sony Denies Allegations

Amidst the complains Sony is getting for "No Man's Sky" and the unfair way the company is treating their customers, the tech giant denies such allegations. In a letter addressed to Gadgets 360, Sony said that they don't ban people from any support channels regardless of getting a refund.

Most fans criticized Hello Games led by Sean Murray for setting false expectations for "No Man's Sky." While there have been suggestions that "No Man's Sky" is perfect for a VR makeover, Hello Games remains silent about the whole issue. The open space exploration game remains one of the disappointing games released this year.

Will it be better released as a VR game? Share your "No Man's Sky" experience in the comment box below. 

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