'Battlefield 4' Gameplay Reveal: The Five Most Important Footage Details

By Trevor Ruben , Updated Mar 27, 2013 07:44 AM EDT

The "Battlefield 4" gameplay reveal is upon us. The trailer is called "Fishing in Baku" and it shows off some impressive campaign footage. The footage is posted here and at the bottom of the story. We don't want you going too far, since this is where we tell you the most important details you'll find in that footage.

HUD Upgrades

Three things really popped out if you were looking for them on the edges of the updated "Battlefield" heads-up display. First, the map shows North, South, East and West at all times. No biggie, but it's what's in the top right corner, and what pops up there from time to time, that marks the biggest changes. At all times during gameplay exists an indicator showing a trophy symbol and a player symbol with numbers next to them. The obvious guess there is it's showing friends online and achievements or trophys earned. But right near the beginning of the footage another little detail popped up.

Much like Criterion's Autolog is integrated into EA's "Need for Speed" franchise, "Battlefield 3" introduced player-tracking Battlelog to the series, and they aren't shying away from it with "Battlefield 4." Now it looks like the player can choose to be notified whenever they've set some sort of score record, for the prologue in the case of the footage shown, with a gamer picture as well. Those trophy and player symbols may play more heavily into Battlelog than your gut reaction may say, indicating specific stats about a mission instead of over the whole game. Time will tell.

Water Effects

EA showed off vistas, birds, fire and explosions to impressive effect, but as with any new technology or game engine, it's the water that gives it away. Under that age-old test, "Battlefield 4," at least on the PC, is up to the challenge. Water shifts realistically with wading players, drips into your view with logical viscosity and reflects light as if it were really there. If you want to be blown away, look into the liquids, my friends.


When enemy numbers start stacking up an AI teammate asks the player to mark enemies. In "Battlefield 3" this meant pointing out anyone you could see and marking them individually, but now with "Battlefield 4" it looks like the player has the ability to mark everyone on screen simultaneously. Multiplayer gamers worry not, for this is all campaign footage. But, then again, don't assume the ability won't make it onto the servers in some way, whether it's as a weapon attachment or some sort of super-perk. You'll notice that even enemies behind walls show up on your HUD with those little orange triangles.

Now You're In the Crumbling Building

The initial "Battlefield 3" reveal footage capped off with a crumbling building in the midst of an earthquake. This time around we're in the building as the skyscraper is coming apart, floors cracking, dudes screaming and you dangling over the edge before plummeting. Destructibility has always been a staple of the Frostbite engine, and EA wants you to know they're doing everything they can to ramp it up in the third Frostbite iteration. Again, multiplayer ramifications are unclear, as this is undoubtedly a scripted event, but they want the possibilities surging around in your mind. Destructibility in "Battlefield 3" multiplayer was admittedly a bit underwhelming when compared to the jump from "Battlefield 2" to the "Battlefield: Bad Company" series. Let's hope what we're seeing is indicative of that same kind of leap.


Lastly, yet most significantly within the context of the entire gaming industry, is the blink-fast appearance of a woman soldier. For once, "Gears of War" may have paved the way for more mature storytelling. Figures...

"You'll back me up, right?" Her words are quick, but perhaps showing of EA's embrace of their feminine inside. The chopper pilot is also a female, yet that's a more common role for women in military games. We may just see female multiplayer skins this time around. Now that would be kind of cool.

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