Nintendo's Miiverse Coming To Smart Phones And Browsers In April or May

By Trevor Ruben , Updated Mar 28, 2013 09:39 AM EDT

When Nintendo first presented their Miiverse to the world, a gamer social network native to the Wii U hardware, they promised it would be available on web browsers and as a mobile app at some point in the future. Since the Wii U's launch in December it was the only place users could access the Wii U game communities, comments and activity feeds available through the system. That's changing by the end of May.

From the Game Developer's Conference over in San Francisco on Wednesday, Miiverse producer Kiyoshi Mizuki revealed during a talk Nintendo's plans to release mobile and browser apps for the service sometime in either April or May, Polygon reports.

Mizuki also reaffirmed the continued production of a 3DS Miiverse application, though he didn't say when it would be ready for public consumption.

The Miiverse is a unique tool for Wii U players, allowing them direct access to communities built specifically for the game they're playing. Every Wii U game requires Miiverse functionally. Mizuki also said currently released 3DS games won't require Miiverse functionality, according to Polygon, though it is uncertain whether all future releases will once the application is released.

The Miiverse is also a great resource for finding short, to-the-point reviews of a newly released game, like "Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate," drawings included.

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