‘Gears of War: Judgment’: Playable Warzone Mode Is Hiding On Disc

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Mar 28, 2013 09:30 AM EDT

“Gears of War: Judgment” contains a mode familiar to players of the last "Gears of War" on the disc.

A playable version of the Warzone mode, which came with the initial purchase of "Gears of War 3," has been outed on the “Gears of War: Judgment” disc. The hidden mode can be accessed by entering a simple button combination at the game's multiplayer screen.

After booting the game choose Private Match, highlight Team Death Match, and press A. When the next prompt arrives, press the A and B buttons simultaneously. When it says "You are about to start a match. Continue?”, press A again.

Gamers who found the Warzone mode were left wondering whether the hidden mode was actually intended to be paid DLC.  "There is a text string and a bit of leftover code within TDM from Warzone," a Microsoft spokesperson tells Eurogamer. "We don't have any current plans to release Warzone. But, we will be releasing Execution, a very similar mode, for free as an update on April 2 via Xbox Live."

As of now, there are no plans to release the Warzone mode officially, either free or paid.

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