‘Clash of Clans' Update: Leaked Update Reveals Why You Should Take a Closer Look on the Shipwrecks

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 24, 2016 05:35 AM EDT

This Halloween season, "Clash of Clans" is bringing more exciting features to the game. Something that players might want to take advantage before it reaches the time limit. Recent news surrounding the CoC update revealed that shipwrecks, pumpkins and other spooky decorative features were leaked online. Interestingly, these updates are now considered as useful addition to the game.

Take for example, the shipwrecks in the latest "Clash of Clans" update. The previous version of these ships were primarily included as decorative feature of the game. Take note that, these ships are not battle ships, but rather regular ones that any character can use. In the latest CoC update, shipwrecks can now be used as medium to collect Gold in Clash of Clans.

The "Clash of Clans" update reveal that, fixing a shipwreck will enable players to use it and collect Gold. Unfortunately, it is unknown whether the new update will remain forever in the game, or will be available only for the Halloween season. A alleged leaked images of the "Clash of Clans" update also reveal the images of the shipwrecks and their supposed "fixed" images.

The pumpkins and other spooky decoratives were also included. Additional "Clash of Clans" update, featured on Reddit include the BK Statue, said to cost 500 gems to acquire as decoration. Other features include the "Red Barbarian," "Red Archer Queen," "Halloween Decoration," "Air Defense level 9" and "Air Sweeper Level 7." Golem looks are now increased to four and at least five hog rider looks were also added. The shipyard, according to the report, will also function just like the submarine in Boom Beach. A redditor commented that, it is basically used as a medium to collect gold and gems, but realistically useful for combat.

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