'Pokemon' Fan-Made Games Latest News & Update: Developers Thoughts; Do They Have Issues With Its Existence?

By Jason Glenn , Updated Oct 24, 2016 06:05 AM EDT

The Pokemon Company is welcoming and rewarding "Pokemon" fan made games. Junichi Masuda and Game Freak are well aware of the Pokemon fan-made projects. Masuda was asked for comments in the recent takedowns of popular yet an unofficial Nintendo games. But it seems that Game Freak is pretty cool about the fan made games.

In an interview with Kotaku, Masuda didn't have any comments to the takedowns of the "Pokemon" fan made games. However Matsuda gave a message to the Pokemon fans who want to be a part of the creative process.

He said that if he sees "Pokemon" fans having fun in creating things or working on an art project or on a game development he is sharing the same feelings with the fans. Junichi Matsuda also told fans that Game Freak is always looking for skilled individuals.

Masuda also found some amazing "Pokemon" fan art to his Twitter feed. In a Twitter search, it shows that at least a single person on the internet has mentioned "Uranium" to Masuda. Meanwhile, Masuda and Game Freak didn't want to name names.

"Pokemon Uranium" was the biggest "Pokemon" fan made game that was taken down after 9 years in the making. With over 1.5 million downloads before the shutdown. Another was "Metriod 2" was also shut down after eight years of development

As per GameRant, Game Freak's does not have the power to put a stop to the fan produced game's take-downs because The "Pokemon" series is under Nintendo. "Pokemon" fan-made games of any Nintendo property have been crushed by the publisher's lawyers. The developers of Game Freak are stuck in a difficult situation when it comes to fan made games.

The shutdown incidents of the "Pokemon" fan made games, heated controversies and arguments about copyright, intellectual property, and the rights of fan creations that are not being sold for profit. The creators of "Pokemon" appreciate that there are fans who are interested in learning the process which make the franchise possible in the first place.

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