Galaxy Note 7 Mystery still Remains Unsolved

By Jeanvan , Updated Oct 25, 2016 09:37 PM EDT

The mobile tech giant, Samsung, is still at the verge of unravelling the real cause of their newest flagship phone bursting into flames. The Galaxy Note 7 supposedly had the highest amount of support from the company with the hopes to bring back revenue from an awful year. However, the phone that was released on August 19, 2016 immediately made it into the news after rampant cases of unexpected explosions and flames.

Despite two months passing since Samsung made a global recall on the Galaxy Note 7, the tech giant still doesn't know the root cause of the problem. The company did not immediately release a statement after a request, however, a spokesperson confirmed that they are still working on the problem according to the Wall Street Journal. The representative also acknowledged that they were unable to correctly identify the first time that led them to release the same defective replacements to affected customers.

Samsung is definitely suffering from the many reported incidents of Note 7s catching fire. The company is losing their credibility despite efforts of winning back the trust of those who have the defective Galaxy Note 7. Also, their company value is decreasing at an exponential rate. The flagship devices, Note 7 and Galaxy S7 were expected to solidify its lead on the mobile market after a year of lackluster products, according to Cnet.

In an estimate, the Galaxy Note 7 is going to cost Samsung a total of $3 billion. This includes money spent on its development, production and marketing. With the ongoing efforts to fix the issue, investment on the failed project is still ongoing. Also, the company's next flagship phone, S8, is being put on hold and is going to be delayed until Samsung finds a solution. They fear that unless they get to the root cause of the issue, they may replicate it on their newest device.

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