GameStop Knows A Lot About Xbox 720: Calls It A 'Compelling Device'

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Apr 03, 2013 10:34 AM EDT

The Xbox 720 is no doubt the most rumored gaming console now that we know a few things about the PlayStation 4. Although nothing solid really is known about the the next Xbox, it seems like the CEO of GameStop knows a thing or two about it.

J. Paul Raines, GameStops's CEO, seems pretty excited about the upcoming piece of hardware and is eager for Microsoft to take the wraps off its next-gen Xbox.

"We've been spending a lot of time with Microsoft, but we have to let them take the lead on this, but it will be a very hot, compelling device. They are doing some really cool stuff, and I'm eager to hear them start their announcements because I think the world is going to stand up and take notice," Raines tells GameIndustry.

Raines also added that there is no need for skepticism about how this will be the last console generation because this kinds of talk happens every generation.

He further adds GameStop doesn’t believe that the new consoles won’t be as exciting, and the next Xbox will see a lot of demand as will the new PS4.

On the other hand, GameStop president Tony Bartlet reveals that while the company knows about the upcoming “second console,” they’re far more comfortable talking about it when it’s out.

"The problem is that we just - we have one console [PlayStation 4], and we have some knowledge that we can share, more knowledge that we can't. We also have knowledge of the second console, but I'd rather that, that be out in the public before we discuss our digital goals for 2014," Bartlet told Videogamer.

"As of now, there's been one console announced for a fourth quarter launch," said Lloyd. "Guidance at the low end of the ranges reflects that one console coming to market. Guidance at the high end of the ranges reflects the launch of a second console, should one be announced,” CFO Robert Lloyd adds.

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