Xbox One Backward Compatibility Latest News & Update: Five Huge New Titles Added to Library; Includes 'Portal,' 'Half-Life 2' & More Games!

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Oct 26, 2016 08:39 AM EDT

The Xbox One game library has been continually expanding through time as Microsoft introduces new additions to the Backward Compatibility program. Just recently, five new huge games would be playable to the latest gaming console.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Without a doubt, the Xbox One is one of the most premium gaming consoles that is currently out in the market. However, when it was launched in 2013, the Xbox One did not natively support the backward compatibility feature. This then caused a public outcry from customers who originally owned the equally capable Xbox 360.

It was only last year that Microsoft had addressed the glaring issue and made the announcement that the Xbox One will then be updated to finally support certain Xbox 360 games. Since then, the list has incrementally grown to contain over 250 games in the Xbox One Backward Compatibility program. Just recently, the tech giant had just added five new titles to the list.

It was only two years later that Microsoft finally addressed the issue and announced that the Xbox One will be updated to support games originally playable through the Xbox 360. Fast forward to today, the latest flagship gaming console library now supports over 250 games under the backwards compatibility program. Just recently, the company had added five more huge games to the list.

Five New Huge Backwards Compatible Games

Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry Hryb had tweeted about the new game titles to be added on the Xbox One Backward Compatibility library. First off is The Orange Box from Valve. 

It is interesting to note that this is not an actual game title, but is instead a game bundle from the game developer and publisher. The bundle itself contains over 250 games in its wing, which then includes triple A titles "Half Life 2: Episode 2," "Team Fortress 2," and "Portal."

"Galaga Legions" and "Joe Danger 2: The Movie" from Bandai Namco and Hello Games, respectively, are also now available for the Xbox One Backward Compatibility. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more Xbox One Back Compatibility news and updates!

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