‘One Piece’ manga Spoilers, News & Details: Luffy Confused Over Sanji’s Reaction

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 26, 2016 11:58 AM EDT

There's no doubt, the "One Piece" manga is sticking around for a bit more. That's if we consider how the manga series is shaping lately. Despite rumors that it will end soon because of its creator Eiichiro Oda working on few other projects, the chapters says otherwise. Today, we will reveal to you the biggest factor that indicates, the manga is not ending.

Recent spoilers on the Japanese manga "One Piece" include the battle in the Cake Island where Big Mom resides. Apparently, it is the Big Mom story arc that is ending and not the whole manga. "One Piece" chapter 843 indicate how Luffy and the straw hats pirates were able to locate Sanji and save him from marrying Lady Pudding.

Also, the most significant part of the big Mom story arc is that, Luffy was able to beat Cracker, enabling them to enter the Cake Island easily. Unfortunately, when he's finally able to see Sanji, "One Piece" spoilers reveal that, Sanji may have changed his mind. He tells Luffy that, he might after all continue with the wedding and make himself a throne in the island. He also told Luffy that, he's not sure whether he wants to be a straw hat pirate again.

This brings the idea of a new Luffy-Sanji story arc. Recent "One Piece' spoilers also revealed that, during the battle, Luffy was all out on saving Sanji, which will make the story arc more meaningful if indeed, Sanji will not acknowledge Luffy's help in saving him. He even implied that, because of what Luffy did, things are even more complicated in the Cake Island.

The "One Piece" manga may have been the target of rumors in past few weeks, but with the latest spoilers coming, it looks like Eiichiro Oda is continuing his work. Meanwhile, according to the Parent Herald, "One Piece" chapter 844 will reveal how Reiju explains to Luffy and Nami, the reason behind Sanji's change of heart.

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