‘Final Fantasy 15’ Release Date, News & Update: PlayStation 4 Pro, PC Versions to Arrive in 2016? Game Director Reveals Future Plans

By Tim Armstrong , Updated Oct 26, 2016 08:03 AM EDT

The highly anticipated release of "Final Fantasy 15" has been surrounded by numerous exciting reports and speculations all over the Internet. According to the report, game developer and publisher Square Enix has partnered with Sony to roll out a PlayStation 4 Pro version of the upcoming open world action role-playing video game.

It was revealed by none other than "Final Fantasy 15" director Hajime Tabata in a recent interview that Square Enix is currently planning on developing a new version of the game that is playable on PlayStation 4 Pro. However, he also said that the company's main focus as of the moment is to roll out the much awaited game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It was previously rumored that "Final Fantasy 15" will also have a PC version, which is expected to arrive right after the release of the console version. "About the PC we're focusing all our efforts into the console versions of the game," Tabata said during the interview. "So we're not looking into it right now to be honest."

The game director added that his team is willing to develop a PC version of "Final Fantasy 15;" however, it is going to take a lot of time to finish as they will have to readjust several things and concentrate solely on its development. As far as the PlayStation 4 Pro is concern, Tabata said that developing a PS4 Pro version is kind of like the same thing as the PC.

Apparently, the company has to take full advantage of the platform's capability when developing a major game title to ensure better gaming experience. As of now, fans will have to wait for "Final Fantasy 15" to arrive on Nov. 29, 2016 and see what happens from then on. Stay tuned for more news and updates about the development and release of the upcoming "Final Fantasy 15."

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