‘GTA Online’ Latest News & Update: Rockstar Cracks Down On Cheaters, Removes Illegitimate Funds From Selected Players

By RG Ferrer , Updated Oct 26, 2016 12:22 PM EDT

Several "Grand Theft Auto Online" players recently found themselves with very minimal to zero in-game cash in their virtual bank accounts. Following a move made by Rockstar Games against cheaters, the gaming company removed trillions of in-game dollars from several gamers' online profiles.

"Grand Theft Auto Online" or "GTA Online" has seen the addition of gaming mods that allowed players to illegitimately obtain in-game cash for their characters. Several gamers have expressed their frustration over the issue and even asked Rockstar to take action.

In a recent announcement posted on the company's support page, Rockstar shared that they removed "illegitimately gained in-game money" from some players' virtual accounts. Affected gamers would have received a notification when logging into their respective "GTA Online" profiles.

Rockstar also clarified that in-game dollars purchased with Shark Cards will still remain in the player's virtual bank account. The gaming company only removed the in-game cash acquired through the use of mods or game hacks.

Meanwhile, some of the players that shared their "GTA Online" cash removal experience on social media or Reddit forums revealed the loss of various amounts. Another player even indicated that he lost more than $100 billion in-game cash, PC Gamer reported.

The same report also highlighted a recent update to Rockstar's policy on game suspensions and bans. Game developers will reset a banned player's "GTA Online" character's progress, including his inventory and properties that he may have acquired once the game suspension ends. However, gamers who were found to have violated anti-cheating gaming rules or Rockstar's policy for the second time will be permanently removed from the game.

In other news, Rockstar has unveiled its special Halloween event for "GTA Online." Players will be gifted with a one-time $250,000 in-game cash bonus when they log into the game during the last week of October, GameRant reported. Apart from the login bonus, Rockstar also introduced a new bike, an Adversary mode and special discounts.

The "GTA Online" Halloween event will start on Oct. 28 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Watch the game's "Bikers" trailer below:

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