'Aliens: Colonial Marines' Called Misleading By UK Advertising Body, Sega Agrees

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Apr 04, 2013 09:58 AM EDT

The "Aliens: Colonial Marines" calamity reached its peak shortly after the game's launch, but it's not over yet.

The UK's Advertising Standards Agency spoke with Sega over the trailers the company used to advertise the game, after a Redditor sent a complaint to the agency. Real David versus Goliath stuff. Sega agreed that the trailers were indeed misleading, and as a result, all game trailers for "Colonial Marines" must now have a disclaimer.

The Davey in question? Redditor
subpardave. Hmm...Subpardave versus Goliath. I like that.

His reason for making his point with the ASA?

"I submitted my complaint based on the absurd differences between the 'in game' and 'playthorugh' footage that was widely used to advertise A:CM. Of course, the game looked and played NOTHING like what was shown to consumers.

My aim was not to get fines, compensation or any of that. Gearbox and Sega spoke very clearly - by saying absolutely nothing - and showed the purchasing community that they would rather this mess all quietly disappear.

The games industry - like any other - needs to be held accountable for blatantly deceiving the consumer. And doubly so when a wall of silence is the only response to resounding criticism for shipping a shoddy product, having shown off one with all the bells and whistles.

The ASA has little real power. But negative press? That does."

In their response to subpardave, the ASA concluded the case, saying, "with this disclaimer in place, customers are unlikely to get the impression that the trailer shows the finished product, and the ads are therefore unlikely to mislead."

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