'Battlefield 1' Release Updates, News and Features: Easter Egg Trail Reveal Hidden Radio Messages

By Nens Mitchell , Updated Oct 27, 2016 05:29 AM EDT

An Easter egg trail is ready for the newly released first-person shooter video game "Battlefield 1." This is another must-try feature of the instalment which has excited gamers.

"Battlefield 1" gamers have reportedly found "mysterious headphones" in the different multiplayer maps. When discovered, the headphones seem to activate radios on the map that send messages when players encounter them.

Morse code messages

These messages, however, are just simple beeps that players understand to be Morse code or something similar. It is still unclear what the beeps mean and no one has figured out yet how to decode these.

Some are also thinking that the radio beeps could be similar to "Battlefield 4's" Illuminati Easter egg which asked players to decode a Morse code message. This was an additional challenge for the players who also have to find their way through the multiplayer maps of the game. The hidden messages on these radios are also hoped to discover the secrets behind creatures like giant sharks and secret weapons found in the game.

'Battlefield 1' features

When "Battlefield 1" was released last Oct. 21, game developer DICE surprised players with a World War I setting, something different from the usual laser and infrared weapons introduced in new video games today. The minds behind this game may have wanted to appeal to those players who got used to playing these kinds of games or encourage new-gen gamers to try something new.

Another highlight of the game is the promising combat of vehicles on "Battlefield 1." It promises a more realistic adrenaline rush which will challenge gamers to do better in every stage of the new instalment.

More game modes

The battles are expected to last for an hour or more where gamers can use all of their available abilities to challenge their enemies. War modes in the games are also very challenging and will push the players to the limit in coming up with ways to win.

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