'The Sims 4: City Living' DLC Release Date, Latest News & Update: EA Debuts First VR Feature? Interactive Myshuno Map Revealed [Details]

By LA Zamora , Updated Oct 28, 2016 07:34 AM EDT

Only a few more days left until "The Sims 4: City Living" DLC release date. The players of the virtual simulation game are already very excited to grab a copy of "The Sims 4: City Living" DLC.

'The Sims 4: City Living' DLC - Game Needs VR Device?

There have been reports saying that EA Games is on the process of integrating some Virtual Reality (VR) features in "The Sims." It is unsure and still unconfirmed if EA games will roll out VR compatibility in either "The Sims 4: City Living" DLC or "The Sims 5."

If EA Games will roll out its first VR feature in "The Sims 4: City Living" DLC, game experts say that it will elicit mixed reactions from the players. This is mainly because the players who purchased "The Sims 4" have not been conditioned to that the simulation game will have a VR feature.

If "The Sims 4: City Living DLC" will require a VR device for players to maximize the game, the profits and success of the upcoming DLC will reportedly fall in a gray area. As of writing, EA Games have yet to comment on the issue of VR compatibility of "The Sims 4: City Living" DLC.

'The Sims 4: City Living' DLC - Interactive City Map

EA Games strategically released an interactive city map of Myshuno before the official release of "The Sims 4: City Living" DLC. With the said interactive map of Myshuno, players can get a feel of the newest concrete jungle in the world of "The Sims 4: City Living" DLC.

From Culpeper Apartments down to Spice Market, the interactive map of Myshuno gives the players detailed descriptions of individual lots. The interactive Myshuno map for "The Sims 4: City Living" DLC is perhaps the last hurrah of EA Games before November 1, the official release date of the expansion pack.

What do you think about the possibility of EA Games integrating VR with their future games and expansion packs? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 


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