Nintendo’s Mysterious New 3DS Game Miitopia is Coming in 2016 in Japan

By Jeanvan , Updated Oct 28, 2016 08:24 AM EDT

This holiday season, Nintendo will be releasing a new game. The title, Miitopia, was announced last September during the end of a Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation. Other than a probable release period, there isn't much information surrounding the project.

Nintendo will be releasing Miitopia this December, before 2017 comes, as reported by Nintendolife. However, a specific date on the month is yet to be announced, nevertheless, the company confirms that it will be making an appearance. It will be available for the Nintendo 3DS and will be sold both as a retail game and a digital download on the 3DS eShop, according to IGN. However, the current announcement specifies its limited release only in Japan. It is likely that the game will not be translated in other languages even if it gets released on online platforms.

As of the moment, users are left with the Miitopia's cover art to decipher what the game may be about. There already exists a game entitled Finding Mii by Nintendo and fans are finding similarities between the cover art of the upcoming game. Some have broken down the logo and identified some possible contents. This includes the sword, standing for the letter T, an emoji with the wizard hat and one with the horns. It may be a hack and slash game or an open world community, nobody knows as of the moment.

There is a huge mystery surrounding Miitopia and it has added a lot of hype around the title. This may be a strategy by Nintendo themselves to increase sales during release day especially that it is claimed to be one of the big holiday releases in the region, along with it will be Super Mario Run for the iOS.

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