‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Co-Developer Unveils Free-To-Play Shooter 'Minimum'

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Apr 10, 2013 09:22 AM EDT

TimeGate Studios has taken a lot of criticism for its role in the development in the terrible “Aliens: Colonial Marines.” However, the company is trying to mount a come back with its upcoming free-to-play shooter “Minimum.”

"Minimum" mixes the look of "Team Fortress 2" and "Minecraft." As players level up they can add a number of power-ups to their weapons that range from ice-powered sniper rifles to flaming katanas.

The game will have a Titan game mode where the players support two giant creatures fighting each other to the death during the match. Here the players, as the company states, will “battle in the shadow of awesome giants, harvesting energy from creatures in the environment to power their team’s Titan to ultimate victory.”

The company also says that the game’s PowerUp system goes “back to old-school classics like Contra and Raiden, with your weapons gaining ever-increasing levels of destruction as you pick up the super charged energy of the defeated.” However, these PowerUps will only last as long as the player does in the game.

Each of the in-game weapons will have as many as five PowerUp levels alongside unique alt fires that will offer almost class-like diversity and depth.

As of now, “Minimum” has no formal release date. However, early access to the Alpha will be available starting April 16 on Steam’s Early Access Channel.

Check out the trailer below

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