No New Guns Coming As DLC For 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2'

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Apr 10, 2013 04:59 PM EDT

With the new DLC, Uprising, for "Call of Duty: Black Ops" on the way, fans are curious if the addition will have anything else to offer apart from maps and a new zombie game. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Responding to a fan asking about a new gun for the DLC, Treyarch says, "Alas, not for Uprising...that was a one/done deal for Revolution."

The gun in question was the Peacekeeper SMG, a combination of "Black Ops 2's" multiplayer mode's most popular gun classes, SMG's and assault rifles. As lead artist Murad Ainuddin describes, "Based on Anthony's direction of creating a hybrid assault rife and SMG, we designed the Peacekeeper to have a compact rifle look. We also wanted to give a base white finish to provide a stark contrast from all the other weapons in 'Black Ops II,' but also in 'Call of Duty' history."

The gun was the first ever DLC weapon for the "Call of Duty" series, and will remain as such until Treyarch says otherwise.

Uprising will be out for Xbox 360 on April 16th, and will hit remaining platforms at a later date.

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