'Titanfall 2' Latest News & Update: Single-Player Mode Looks as Good as Multiplayer Gameplay; Inspired by 'Bioshock' & 'Half-Life'

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 29, 2016 09:24 AM EDT

Respawn leaves something that players are looking for ahead in "Titanfall 2" after single-player campaign that holds nothing back was unleashed. The best thing about this new mode is the feel and looks of multi-player being carried over.

"Titanfall 2" has indeed transcended into a first-person shooter that is dedicated on platform gameplay. Think of excellent response whenever sprinting, dodging - basically, all maneuvers during combat are very responsive. Not only that, Respawn ensured that their unique control mechanics were incorporated so veteran "Titanfall" players won't feel alienated.

Forbes described the excellent design in "Titanfall 2" single-player mode. One brilliant idea is campaign through spacious factory where robotic arms are assembling pre-fabricated structures. What makes this level awesome is witnessing the place morphing into buildings as the robotic arms progress in assembly line. It also makes the factory a very deceptive place to campaign.

Another feature to look for in "Titanfall 2" is the new ability to time travel, at short duration though. What makes this handy is the trick to travel back few seconds in time then position behind enemies for effective kill. Be conscious though that sometimes, time travel is uncontrollable and you might end up in a crossfire. Surely, there are other features and Titan abilities that need to be unlocked but players have to discover them yet.

Meanwhile, IGN reported that Respawn is quite aware of warm reception for "Titanfall 2." Producer Drew McCoy suspects that the reason behind is very competitive multi-player mode so players opt for solo gameplay where they can excel. Further, original "Titanfall" storyline is hard to unravel since players have to face off other players. Meaning, this single-player mode is easier for players who get constantly culled by better opponents before.

Asked where did "Titanfall 2" get the idea of balancing multiplayer mode and solo gameplay, McCoy said that "Bioshock" and "Half-Life" gave the inspiration. Then he capped that Titanfall might not be as fast-paced as "Call of Duty" franchise but then it has more depth in its story.

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