'Civilization VI' Latest News And Update: Close To 1M Copies Owned On Steam

By Samille Jan Abada , Updated Oct 30, 2016 08:57 PM EDT

Perhaps, the depiction of the history through the "Civilization 6" is virtually spotless, not to mention, free of some annoying complications. The "Civilization 6" is created by Sid Meier and it was initially released last October 21, 2016.

Players consider the game to be spotless as it is not controlled by menu-diving, spreadsheet reading and micromanagements and it does not turn out to be like any other 4X strategy game that has ever been played according to a source from Arstechnica. It is best for players who want to start exploring, exploiting, expanding and exterminating different kinds of historical societies.

Although "Civilization 6" is considered to be a complicated game having a complicated user interface, players from all parts of the world expected for its new version. In case you have not heard, it has, in fact, taken the world by storm. Just come to imagine the countless of employees who have taken their day offs to start conquering the world. The "Civilization 6" is literally good for the eyes not like one has ever imagined, but it greatly departs from tradition.

Both old and new players have now a great reason to go back on the game with a host of new changes according to TechMich. There is no wonder why "Civilization" is one of the most successful PC franchises of all time. Yet, although some considered the game to be spotless, players started to discover issues like lack of data for military decisions, inefficiency of trading displays, and many more.

Without much expectations of the level of rapid success, "Civilization VI" is currently sitting at 921,901 which is about to eclipse at 1,000,000. Just come to think of the number of copies that are already released in a matter of days. The data is taken at Steam Spy, but it does not take into account whether such copy is purchased or not. 


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