‘Battlefield 1' Servers Down; FIFA 17 Maintenance Affecting the Glitch?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 30, 2016 06:28 PM EDT

This is not something EA planned or hoped for "Battlefield 1," but when fans start to react about it, they knew they have to do something. Prior to the weekend, the game suffered server problems, causing players the inability to login to the game. EA has since addressed the issue saying, they are looking through the problem.

But later on, it was also noticed that some players can't login to any of their EA games online. This brought more confusion to players who have been meaning to join the weekend bonus plays of EA games. Despite the acknowledgment, EA did not confirm whether they will update the server connection over the weekend or not. Unfortunately for most players, the game remained inaccessible in their region.

This is the second time EA suffered server crash this October. Apparently, the big launch of "Titanfall 2" also caused the EA servers to breakdown. Alongside the crash is another problem from "Battlefield 1" players. According to the PlayStation Lifestyle, their character data in the game annoyingly reset to multiplayer. EA has not addressed this issue, not yet when players can't login yet and see what else is wrong.

Meanwhile, others believe that, the "Battlefield 1" server crash could have been the effect of the "FIFA 17" server maintenance. Nevertheless, EA assured fans that they are fixing the problem. EA on the other hand warned its fans that, while they are fixing the problem they may encounter trouble connecting to EA games online, may not be able to login to Origin or to EA Help and May not be able to complete a purchase through Origin.

Fans are advised to delay their purchase while the game is having issues, this is to further lessen the case of "Battlefield 1" problems. Did you experienced the same glitch during the weekend? Some players claimed that the game is already up during the weekend; other still have the same problems.

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