'The Flash' Season 3 Latest, Spoilers, News & Update: God-Like Speedster As The New Villain; Will The Original Timeline Return?

By Jason Glenn , Updated Oct 31, 2016 11:33 PM EDT

In "The Flash" Season 3, Barry Allen and his team from Star Labs have been dealing with Metahumans that have been reawakened by Doctor Alchemy from the Flashpoint timeline. However, it seems that they will be facing another major speedster villain aside from Reverse Flash and Zoom.

Grant Gustin confirmed that Savitar - a god-like speedster- will be coming "very, very soon" in "The Flash" Season 3. Executive producer Greg Berlanti also said to EW PopFest, that The Flash is going against his biggest foe yet calling Savitar the "god of motion".

The latest villain of "The Flash" Season 3, Savitar is a "Dark Master of the Speed Force" in the DC Comics Universe according to ComicBook. Savitar's real name is unknown but he was once an Ester Bloc pilot. He gained his speedster powers between the retirement of original Flash Jay Garrick and the debut of the second Flash, Barry Allen, as a result of a test on an experimental, supersonic plane.

Meanwhile, Greg Berlanti also confirmed that he is not sure if they can bring back The Flash's original timeline in "The Flash" Season 3. In the same interview, he said that they are not challenging themselves and creating new territory and obstacles for the characters.

Barry Allen went back in time to save his mother from being murdered by The Reverse Flash which created the "Flashpoint" timeline in "The Flash" Season 3. But, it didn't go well by the end of the premiere in season 3 where he has to let his arch-nemesis, Eobard Thawn, to go back in time to kill his mother once more.

Barry Allen assumed that it would reset the original timeline but there were significant changes like Joe and Iris are not in good terms, Cisco's brother is dead and is the opposite of the talkative personality he had. While one of the biggest changes that occurred in "The Flash Season" 3 is from Caitlin Snow who is now slowly transitioning to Killer Frost.

Will "The Flash" and his team be able to defeat Savitar? Or will the original timeline be reinstated? Catch "The Flash" Season 3 on Tuesday on CW with the episode "Monster." Stay tuned for more updates of "The Flash" Season 3 here on GamenGuide!

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