'The War Z' Publisher Says Hack Didn't Affect Passwords; Wonders What To Do With Cheaters

By Kamau High , Updated Apr 15, 2013 11:28 AM EDT

"The War Z's" hack that took place in early April did not affect the game and was concentrated on the game's forums, according to OP Productions, the publisher of the game. While email addresses and passwords were accessed there was no payment information to tamper with. Using compromised developer accounts the hackers were able to play the game using dev accounts and ban a number of players. Those bans have now been reversed.

"By accessing the administrator accounts the hackers were able to obtain the administrators' passwords used for their game accounts. With these passwords the hackers were also able to access certain “dev” level game accounts and play the game using those accounts. They were able to ban up to several dozens of players randomly. We disabled the hacked accounts, identified the wrongly banned players and reversed those bans within hours of the attack," the company writes.

In possibly related news, Hammerpoint, the developer, is currently running a survey asking what to do with in-game cheaters. One idea the dev is floating is creating a special 'jail' server that would restrict players access to non-cheaters and allow the cheaters and their tactics to be studied. "We've had this little idea of creating special small pool of "jail" servers and make them available for banned players. Ie if you've been banned from the game, you won't be able anymore create or join clans, participate in leaderboards, or play game with "general population", but you'll be able to play among other banned players on special set of "jail" servers. Since you've already been banned from the game, you can keep using all of your cheats there, but you may expect that all other players are using them too,"

The other option is to ban them completely from the game. As of lunch time Monday East Coast time, permanent bans were winning with 56.5% of the vote while the jail servers idea was close behind at 43.5%.

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