‘Battlefield 1’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Master Every Character Class to Win Your Way in the Battlefield! More Gameplay Details, Secrets Revealed

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 01, 2016 09:24 AM EDT

One of the mains assets of the hit shooter video game "Battlefield 1" is its classes. The game has four of them-Assault, Support, Medic, and Scout. With different functions, strengths, and weaknesses, we will be bringing you a guide on how to use each one of them properly so you could decide which one suits you best.

'Battlefield 1' Assault Class

Assault Class is, as the name implies, the best class to charge on the enemies and lead the battles in "Battlefield 1." Being in Assault Class would bring access to weaponry such as the submachine guns. There are also the shotguns and pistols, but are not as useful. "Battlefield 1" also gives the Assault Class access to grenades, AT Rocket Gun, anti-tank Mines, and dynamite for strategic attacks.

'Battlefield 1' Support Class

Being the ultimate team players, the Support Class is one of the most important one in "Battlefield 1," but is often overlooked. They look out for the Assault class and the Medic class in battle. They could also utilize machine guns and have access to Ammo Crates and Ammo packs. The Support Class could also use the Limpet Charge, Mortar, and Repair Tool in "Battlefield 1."

'Battlefield 1' Medic Class

The Medic Class, obviously, is in charge of always making sure that all players in "Battlefield 1" stay alive. Aside from this, they could also access powerful weaponry and other firepower. They can fire long-range weapons such as the semi-automatic rifles to support the Assault Class from afar. "Battlefield 1" then gives the Medics access to the Medical Crate, Bandage Pouches, and Medical Syringe.

'Battlefield 1' Scout Class

The Scout Class was previously known as recon before the "Battlefield 1." Being masters of stealth, their main function is to eliminate enemies from afar without being seen. They could then use their knowledge to inform their team and have the longest range for weapons of all classes. In "Battlefield 1," they get access to the Flare Gun, Sniper Decoy, K Bullets, Sniper Shield Trench Periscope, and the Trip Wire Bomb.

Each of these classes is of course equally as important as the others. Don't be afraid to experiment though, as "Battlefield 1" is all about the intense gaming experience you could possibly get.

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