‘Civilization 6’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: The Best Civ Leaders for Victory; Triumph in Dominance, Science, Culture, Religion! More Game Secrets Revealed

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 01, 2016 09:21 AM EDT

"Civilization 6" introduces four victory types in the game. With civs gunning to gain dominance over all fields, it is important to choose which particular civ and leader you should go with to win easily. Now, we round up all the leaders that are ideal for the different types of victory in "Civilization 6."


Tomyris of Scythia is the best choice in "Civilization 6" for the traditional military leader. When wounded, her units would go in for the kill with a +5 combat strength against enemies that are already damaged. The military then keep fighting by healing 50 points when an enemy is defeated.

Montezuma of the Aztec civ, who is only available for the pre-ordered version of "Civilization 6," is also a dominant beast. The Eagle Warriors have a great chance of capturing enemy units and converting them in to builders upon defeat.


Russia's Peter I, or Peter the Great, is one of the best options for "Civilization 6" in the research department. The trade routes he creates bring bonus culture and research acquired from civilizations that are technologically more capable.

Another capable "Civilization 6" leader for science victory is Gilgamesh of the Sumeria civ. With the Ziggurat as the main building and cities built next to rivers, science and culture points will be generated for the player to prosper.


Myemba a Nzinga of Kongo is one of the strongest cultural leaders in "Civilization 6." Many reports have claimed that with this civ and leader, they have rapidly gained great artists and excess works. This is great news as they could also be used as collateral with other civs.

Qin Shi Huang of China also triumphs in the cultural field of "Civilization 6." The Great Wall of China truly helps this cause as it is built along the civ's borders. The landmark would provide bonus gold to the civ, which will later convert to culture and tourism.


Philip II of Spain is perhaps the greatest "Civilization 6" leader for faith dominance. The Inquisitors have the ability to downsize opposing religions for extra time. The military units also get bonus +4 combat strength upon battle with civs of different faith. The conquistador is perfect for religious units.

Obviously, Gandhi of India is also a perfect "Civilization 6" religious candidate. The leader provides bonus faith each turn for every civ he meets who is not involved in war. Each religion with at least one convert in a city will then give him a follower bonus.

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