'Hitman' Release Date, News & Update: Season Finale Announced In Japan; Agent 47's Adventure Ends

By Susmita Pathak Mishra , Updated Nov 01, 2016 08:57 PM EDT

Square Enix has released a fresh trailer of "Hitman" season finale on Monday. The game will see the latest transglobal journey of Agent 47 coming to a temporary end.

The mission called "Situs Inversus" is being considered as a combination of the skills of the players gathered "in terms of both gameplay and story." This "Hitman" mission has been designed in Hokkaido, Japan. In the game, Agent 47 has to fulfil a target of eliminating two while infiltrating a hyper-exclusive hospital. Square Enix has announced that the game has come with some features that work specifically for PCs. One such feature include DirectX 12 support., PC Gamer stated.

The new "Hitman" not only has a unique story mission but also has a set of challenges and gear. Especially, episode 6 has several bugs and the instalment supports multi GPU. There is an "exclusive fullscreen" that makes the season finale one of the best features that will make the gaming experience awesome. The players will have to enable multi GPU via the Hitman Launcher.

Gamespot described the game infrastructure and said that the Hokkaido location is the grounds of the GAMA private hospital and resort, making it a hype-exclusive set for "Hitman". The game's location is a secluded one but it depicts the culmination of Japanese beauty and advanced technology. There is Zen gardens, traditional Japanese hot spring and organic sushi restaurant.

The gamers have also been provided with a tip. If they face instability while toggling windowed mode or fullscreen mode, etc, they can choose to disable services that offer in-game capture facilities, including plays.tv, Raptr, etc. Besides having seven new guided mission opportunities, "Hitman" players also get rewarding features like seven new trophies for their achievements.

The "Hitman" is all set to release in November. The developer 10 Interactive said earlier that the game is being planned to be launched on Xbox One, OPC and PS 4. However leader writer Michael Vogt gave a contrary statement saying the season finale is "just getting started" and other decisions will be taken gradually.

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