Hideo Kojima Offers Elliptical Explanation Of New Actors

By Chris LeJohn , Updated Apr 17, 2013 01:05 PM EDT

Now that the madness of the facial bandage marketing campaign for "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain" is behind us, Hideo Kojima, the creator of the long-running stealth action game, is starting to parcel out details of the upcoming game.

Kojima, head of developer Kojima Productions, took to Twilonger to say that he wants the game to have a fresh feel which might be as good an explanation as we're going to get as to why Akio Ostuka, who is Snake's Japanese voice actor, was called back to reprise his role and David Hayter (as Big Boss) was not.

"In fact, the initial plan of "5″ was to do performance capture which takes voice, facial expression and action all at once. But if you do this, I have to stay in Hollywood for some amount of period of time, which I couldn't do, so as compromise, we take action in Japan and voice and facial in Hollywood."

Fans of the Metal Gear Solid series may remember it as always being innovative in the realm of voice acting since the series came to prominence over a decade ago. Hideo Kojima has always had a hand in the way the Metal Gear has been presented and with his company's new FOX Engine, he hopes to continue raising the bar.

"We created "FOX Engine", changed our way of development based on the era and technology. Of course, as shooting style of voice, facial, action, and 3D capture changes we have to change the actors. Preferably it should be a one person who covers voice, face, body, everything as it becomes "acting"."

Enhanced motion capture features have been growing in popularity since it allows directors and actors as well as those who have a direct impact on a game's technical architecture to get closer to reality and further from the uncanny valley, which is a creepy place to be.  

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