'Dead or Alive 5 Plus' Expansion Puts Sexy In Your Hands For A Price

By Chris LeJohn , Updated Apr 17, 2013 04:51 PM EDT

This week has been pretty heavy with the DLCs taking charge, from "Forza Horizon's" free expansion pack to something a little bit more intimate but (very possibly) just as exciting.  

"Dead Or Alive 5 Plus", the handheld port of the highly successful "Dead Or Alive 5" released last year on Ps3 and Xbox 360, came out last month on the PlayStation Vita. Developer Team Ninja is now releasing the Hot Getaway expansion, which players will be able to download up until May 13th.

The expansion lets players sift through some of the spicier outfits for the game's physics-mocking women Ayane, Christie, Tina, Kasumi, Mila, Hitomi etc. The expansion itself includes 12 "costumes" for each of the ladies as well as 10 videos that feature them flaunting their skills in aerobics-modeling. These costumes are available exclusively for the PsVita version of the game and cost an eye-watering $16.99.

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