What's Up With Suda 51 And All The Sex In His Games?

By Chris LeJohn , Updated Apr 17, 2013 02:16 PM EDT

Video games are often scrutinized for either being too violent, too sexual or both. Much like movies and/or books however these things happen to sell because as a society these are two aspects of life that are unavoidable. Of course when the two are put together the result is sometimes a cheerleader prancing around in a mini-skirt skewering zombies with her boyfriend's head attached to her hip.

Goichi Suda, the Grasshopper Manufacture CEO who is commonly referred to as Suda 51, has never shied away from using over sexualized characters in his games. In an interview with Eurogamer he says, "I don't really use [sex] as something full frontal, but sexuality is a good way to express a certain element in the game." In reference to Japan's notorious sex culture he continues "Maybe sexuality in games shouldn't be as big a taboo, but at the same time I live in a country where sexuality is pretty crazy."

Asked whether he would return to his roots of quirkier games like "Flower, Sun and Rain" or "Michigan" he says, "I always want to create something new just to be adventurous. And I am thinking about making a game where the main character doesn't have a weapon. It doesn't necessarily have to be an action game. I would like to try to come up with a game for that."

While he wouldn't be the first person with the idea, few follow through with these kinds of games. Then again, serving a niche audience is not necessarily a negative, numerous games have proven that being true to yourself even if it's different than what everyone else is doing can go a long way.

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