‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News & Update: FastPokeMap, PokemonGOMaps New Trackers Totally Working, Safe! Niantic’s Crappy Pokemon Tracker Caused Accidents! Cheats, Tips, Tricks

By Maui , Updated Nov 02, 2016 10:12 AM EDT

Catching Pokemons in "Pokemon GO" is very difficult because the Pokemon Tracker that is built in the game cannot event point out the exact location of a Pokemon. That is why a lot of players are requesting Niantic to improve the tracker in "Pokemon GO" so that they will not resort to use other third party tracker applications.

But, according to PokemonGOhub, there are a lot of reasons why Niantic should improve "Pokemon GO" tracker to a more accurate one. "Pokemon GO" has caused a lot of accidents recently because the Pokemon tracker was not accurate and the players involved are just walking around aimlessly.

If Niantic improves its Pokemon tracker where a player can actually know the exact location of a Pokemon, players would not be wandering around and getting into dangerous places just to catch a Pokemon in "Pokemon GO." "Pokemon GO" players get often distracted while playing the game.

But, some people also say that it is not Niantic's fault. "Pokemon GO" does have a warning that says players should stay safe. Players are responsible for their own safety and they can't blame Niantic on that.

The original tracker for "Pokemon GO" was not designed for safety and even the San Francisco Beta tracker is not safe either. However, "Pokemon GO" players can always use some of the working third party application tracker like FastPokeMap.

According to FragHero, "Pokemon GO" players can also use the new Pokemon tracker called "Pokemon GO Maps." The new application also serves as an alternative for Pokevision. iOS users can easily download the application here and, for Android users, here. Report says the application is totally working and safe to use. Niantic cannot ban the application and the users' account for using it. Stay tuned to Game & Guide to know more cheats, tips and tricks for "Pokemon GO."

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