Huawei Honor S1 Release Date, Specs, Features: Upcoming Smartwatch To Feature E-Ink Powered Round Display, Athletically Inclined Features

By V Doctor , Updated Nov 03, 2016 03:29 AM EDT

A lot has been written about the upcoming Huawei smartphone but it appears that the company has more than just that coming up. Recently, details and photos of a smartwatch with a circular e-paper display has been leaked with significantly smaller bezels than the Pebble watch.

Huawei Honor S1 Smartwatch To Have e-Paper Display

GSM Arena reports that this leaked device is known as the Huawei Honor S1 smartwatch and a lot of images depicting it have been leaked just last month. Its e-paper display will allow it great legibility under direct sunlight and can make it run for days at a time with the typical tiny batteries that can be found in smartwatches.

The e-paper display of the Huawei Honor S1 smartwatch, however, is not to be confused with the e-ink which is found in Amazon's Kindle devices. E-ink uses even less power but refreshes and loads pages at a very slow rate. Both the e-ink and e-paper cannot support color.

The leaked Huawei Honor S1 smartwatch images show confirms earlier rumors about it. Its heart rate sensor and waterproof feature is shown by the leaks.

There are no visible hardware buttons on the Huawei Honor S1 smartwatch, which can mean that the device is solely powered by what can be displayed on its touch screen. Its operating system has not yet been confirmed although it is not very likely to run on Android Wear as it can have its own customized OS.

Huawei Honor S1 Smartwatch To Run On Tizen?

Android Authority reports that way back in September, Huawei was closely considering launching a smartwatch run by Tizen but up to now, it is not clear if Huawei Honor S1 smartwatch will indeed be running on it. What is sure at this point is that the device will not be powered by Android Wear therefore; it can either be Tizen or some other OS.

The Huawei Honor S1 smartwatch was first unveiled in the middle of October and was already on sale at the end of the month for $100. It's gorgeous looks and flexible functionality is already solid proof that a fitness-tracker and smartwatch does not have to be too expensive to serve its basic purpose.

The Huawei Honor S1 smartwatch came as a surprise when Huawei launched the Honor 6x and Pad2. It's marketed towards the athletically inclined since its battery can last days and its main features are its heart rate monitor and exercise monitoring functionalities.

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