'Dishonored 2' Release Date, News & Update: Details On 'Book of Karnaca' Trailer; Fans Disappointed With The Outsider's New Voice?

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 03, 2016 12:30 PM EDT

Arkane Studios has released a new pop-up book styled trailer of "Dishonored 2". Voiced by Robin Lord Taylor, The Outsider narrates the new trailer that added some support to the story of the never ending fight, revolving around the three returning characters.

In the "Dishonored 2" trailer, The Outsider narrates the story from the "Book of Karnaca". According to Polygon, the former Empress Emily Kaldwin has been grieving and has been blinded by revenge when she lost her mother. Emily has to travel and reclaim her rights to the throne.

Before "Dishonored 2", the story began in the assassination of Empress Jessamine, where her daughter Emily was kidnapped by assassins. Corvo was a bodyguard for Empress Jessamine, which was later hinted to be Emily's father in a journal written by Havelock, according to iDigital Times.

Following the events after "Dishonored 1", the adventure starts in Dunwall 15 years later, which is an even darker world in Karnaca. Fans can expect in "Dishonored 2" an abundance of supernatural powers for both Emily and Corvo. The Outsider was responsible for Corvo's supernatural power that also helps in protecting his daughter.

However, "Dishonored 2" fans were quite disappointed with the new youthful-sounding voice of The Outsider, done by "Gotham" actor, Robin Lord Taylor. A fan complained that The Outsider is supposed to be the all-knowing and all-seeing being from the abyss that grants powers for a high price, but he now sounds like a teenager.

The "Dishonored 2" trailer ends with Delilah as the villainous antagonist being depicted and throwing away a question to the players, either a savior or destroyer of Karnaca which will depend on their actions. Recently, "Dishonored 2" went gold for PC, Xbox One and PS4, which will arrive on November 11.

Players who had pre-ordered will get to play "Dishonored 2" one day before the official launch and will have a copy of "Dishonored: Definitive Edition". You can watch the trailer below and see if Robin Lord Taylor's voice fits The Outsider's character.

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