‘Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Edge’ Release Date, News & Update: Samsung Works On Improving Its Smartphones To A Whole New Level To Regain Trust

By Rennie Quilab , Updated Nov 03, 2016 07:46 PM EDT

"Samsung" will be having a lot of riding as it is releasing its "Samsung Galaxy S8" and will need to ensure an all-out excellence to get the customers trust after the Galaxy note 7 issues. Further information will surface in the coming months, but for now there are collected hearsays that can help the possible buyers conclude what is coming next.

In 2016 "Samsung" had a powerful year, until Galaxy note 7 failed. The Galaxy 7 and 7 Edge are the most selling smartphones in the market. Earning the most impressive scheme of the Galaxy S6 enhancing it in key areas. The camera was better, battery life was greatly improved, and get feature like water-resistance and Micro SD slot as per reported by the BGR.

The extension of a bigger 5.5-inch Galaxy S7 edge helped, it gives customers more option to choose from. Customers are wanting something the same next year and the best to compete throughout 2017. According to CNET, speculations have already indicated "Samsung Galaxy S8" will attribute improved curved displays. In familiar sizes that includes 5.1-inches and 5.5inches. But first things first, when is it coming?

An official "Samsung Galaxy S8" release date is obviously months away. Each year since the original Galaxy S release has been much earlier, with the Galaxy 7 being announced in February and released in March.

For 2017, the "Samsung Galaxy S8" will probably be announced at the end of February before the Mobile World Congress, and released in March. This was exactly how it happened in 2016. There are even speculations from trusted sources saying this already.

If the Galaxy 7 launch was any indication, the "Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge" will be exposed on February 26 in Spain. The next Mobile World Congress will begin and many companies will make huge announcements.

Pre-orders will begin and the release date will be sometime in early March of 2017.

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