‘PlayStation 4 Pro’ Release Date, News & Update: PS4 Pro Not To Eliminate PS4 But Is Meant To Accompany It; Upgraded Console For Die-hard Gamers.

By Rennie Quilab , Updated Nov 03, 2016 07:47 PM EDT

Many fans are really expecting for the upcoming release of Sony's "PlayStation 4 Pro" and for those who are waiting to know a 4k output on a console, this is the right gaming system to get. The device is now scheduled to come out on November and Sony's aim is to give more gaming knowledge to everyone's favorite game title.

There is just only 1week to go before "PlayStation 4 Pro" invades in November 10 but there are many drools at the concept of enhanced graphics. After all, it is the barometer of video game experience. A selling point for Sony to emerge the most expected gaming console of this generation, zooming past Project Scorpio and Nintendo Switch.

So what is really with the hood of "PlayStation 4 Pro" and to convince the gamers to switch from reliable plain PS4? As indicate "PlayStation 4 Pro" it is more suited for graphics hog titles. Not only 4k quality video will smoothly but HDR as well. Remember that this idea itself drives services like Netflix and Youtube to develop 4k specific apps to acknowledge PS4 pro.

Game titles from PS4 are all compatible with "PlayStation 4 Pro" so there is nothing to worry about lack of game array too. However, please be reminded that all of these title are not running at 4k so what will happen is upscale 4k. A single chip will assimilate PS4 games to make them work, but two chips will go through simultaneously if the game is PS4 Pro-specific as per reported by Polygon.

Meanwhile, The Week says that announcements are not enough to make 400 dollars "PlayStation 4 Pro" Edge against its forerunner PS4. In fact, there were close to 4 million PS4 units sold from July to September this year alone, a total of 47 units sold since its generalization. In the end, it summarize the argument that Sony themselves said before that PS4 Pro is not mean to replace PS4 but to accompany beside it.

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