‘Animal Crossing: New Leaf’ Release Date, Gameplay Details: Amiibo Support Necessary; Negotiating With Tom Nook Deletes Town In ‘New Leaf’

By LJ Joseph , Updated Nov 04, 2016 10:53 PM EDT

Nintendo's "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" allows playing in an open-ended gameplay and simulating the real passage of time through the game's internal clock and calendar. Several features and games are available but amiibo support is required to unlock them. Appraising and selling the town is also possible. However, wrong deals lead to deletion of towns. Details can be read below.

"Animal Crossing: New Leaf" Latest News: Amiibo Support Unlocks Features & Games

According to Destructoid, Isabelle, an Assist Trophy in "New Leaf," informs the players of the game details including the town's activities and Mutual Exchange OF Wealth (MEOW) coupons. Unique items can also be exchanged with the dog Harvey. The "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" needs amiibo support that is built in into the NEW 3Ds.

However, if it is not available, a near-field communication (NFC) device is required to scan the amiibo. These will allow players to bring characters into the town. Amiibo figures also offer additional features needed to add more games. Through scanning one of the figurines, Desert Island Escape, a board game for single players, and Animal Crossing Puzzle League, a game similar to Tetris Attack, can be unlocked and played in "New Leaf."

"Animal Crossing: New Leaf" Latest News: Negotiating With Tom Nook To Sell Your Town Will Eventually Delete It

Players lose their town when they want to start over by selling it to Tom Nook. He will appear as soon as players talk to Isabelle about recreating their town. It will be appraised by Nook who will either pay the player every week with a 10% interest or with the whole amount. However, according to Kotaku, Tom Nook doesn't show up for negotiation. This eventually deletes their town.

Usually, Isabelle will give two warnings that selling their town will delete it from "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" permanently. Hence, players will have chances to back out from the deal that promises new features and games in "New Leaf." Some players have really appraised and sell their town but some got confused and eventually had their town deleted. As of the moment, players are waiting for Nintendo's response.

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