‘Watch Dogs 2’ Latest News & Update: Season Pass Price & Gameplay Details Revealed; Includes Tons of DLC & More Game Improvements

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 04, 2016 09:59 AM EDT

It has been confirmed that the season pass for "Watch Dogs 2" will be including three DLC bundles. It will also be released with a Psychedelic Pack, the Root Access Bundle, and a day-one customization package for Marcus Holloway. This would be released sometime in the winter.

The "Watch Dogs 2" bundles are said to provide several hours' worth of additional mission content. This includes new co-op challenges, difficulty levels, vehicles, outfits, and a load of customization items.

T-Bone Content Bundle

Players of "Watch Dogs 2" would be given the chance to rock the style of legendary hacker Raymond Kenney, also known as "T-Bone." There is also a new co-op difficulty level called Mayhem. This will pit "Watch Dogs 2" players against a new enemy archetype, who is then armed with advanced weaponry. This would be available on December 13 for the PlayStation 4. The DLC will then be released a month later for other platforms.

 Human Conditions

The second DLC of "Watch Dogs 2" allows players to explore San Francisco and uncover the biggest scandals involving science and medicine. This bundle contains three new world stories, and will add new elite co-op missions to the gameplay. It would also introduce a new enemy type in "Watch Dogs 2," the Jammer. He has the technology to hunt players down. The bundle would be available on Spring 2017.

No Compromise

The third and final DLC will add a whole new world story that pits Marcus in the crosshairs of the Russian mafia. All this is set in the underbelly San Francisco. It also includes a new co-op mode, called Showd0wn. This mode requires a sole survivor among all the competitors. The bundle will be available for "Watch Dogs 2" on Spring 2017.

The Psychedelic Pack and Root Access Bundle

This additional "Watch Dogs 2" bundle will enable players to further customize the clothes, weapons, drone, and car of Marcus. Also, the Root Access Bundle will be adding new cars, outfits, a new weapon, a drone skin, and the Zodiac Killer Mission.

Pricing Details

The "Watch Dogs 2" season pass will be selling for $40. It is automatically included in the "Watch Dogs 2" Gold Edition, which casts $100.

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