Metallic Gray DualShock 3 Wireless PlayStation 3 Controller Coming To North America

By Binu Paul , Updated Apr 25, 2013 08:29 AM EDT

PlayStation 4 is just around the corner and hopefully there will be a great lineup of games at launch; however, Sony appears not to have been done yet with PlayStation 3. The Japanese gaming giant is  set to release its limited edition metallic gray DualShock 3 wireless PS3 controller in the U.S. market.

Sony revealed the new controller in a tweet on the official PlayStation account and more photos are now available on PlayStation's official site. Sony is yet to reveal a price for the new peripheral although the metallic gray controller, originally announced in Japan earlier this month, was priced at 5,500 yen ($59) which will be available there from June 20.

"The comfortable grip, intense vibration feedback, and intuitive SIXAXIS motion sensing controls put precision and control firmly in your hands so you can be prepared for the most immersive gaming experience," Sony explains the new controller in its official website.

Sony has recently added DualShock 3 controller support to its Xperia smartphone line up. The company then confirmed that PS3's controller will not be compatible with PlayStation 4 and that the next-gen console will use the new feature-packed DualShock 4.

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