‘Hitman’ Release Date, Gameplay, News & Update: Available On PlayStation 4 Pro; Packed With Enhanced Details

By LJ Joseph , Updated Nov 04, 2016 07:11 AM EDT

IO Interactive's "Hitman" that is published by Square Enix is made available for PC, PlayStation, Xbox One and different game consoles last March 2016. Its newest and sixth game "Hitman" was released in March 2016 and made available for Playstation 4 Pro, which will be released on November 10. See here for its enhanced details.

"Hitman" Latest News & Update: Available For PS4 Pro With Improved Eetails

According to GameStop, "Hitman" is made from the latest technical and visual enhancements for PlayStation 4 Pro. It will have more details, increased overall resolution, improved reflective surfaces, clean and crisp user interface, and more detailed lighting effects. On the other hand, its aliasing will be reduced. The video game can also stream in higher-quality textures for more details using the extra memory of PlayStation 4 Pro. All of these do not compromise the frame rate and the overall experience of the game.

PS4 Pro Offers Better "Hitman" Experience

"Hitman" players will have a better experience with the PlayStation 4 Pro, which will be released on November 10. According to Attackofthefanboy, Hannes Seifert, the head of IO Interactive studio, says that Agent 47 has never looked so good. He concludes that Hitman is a video game made to improve constantly. This continuous improvement can be catered by the new PlayStation 4 Pro.

With the upcoming release of PlayStation 4 Pro in November 10, players can experience the different episodes of "Hitman." These include "Episode 1: The Showstopper at Paris," "Episode 2: World of Tomorrow at Sapienza," "Episode 3: A Gilded Cage at Marrakesh," "Episode 4: Club 47 at Bangkok," "Episode 5: Freedom Fighters at Colorado" and "Episode 6: Situs Inversus at Hokkaido." They can also play the first season that will be officially released in January 2017.

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