iPhone 8 Release Date, News & Update: Apple Gets Rid of Charging Cable? Splash, Water, Dust Resistant? More Specs, Features Finally Revealed!

By Maui , Updated Nov 04, 2016 11:20 AM EDT

Several Apple fans are not quite impressed with the new features of the iPhone 7 and iPhone7 Plus. Some fans are also disappointed because the company removed its headphone jack. A lot of them are still hoping that the upcoming iPhone 8 will be totally impressive and it will have a state-of-the-art design and specs.

According to a report from BGR, Apple might likely release the iPhone 8 in the tenth anniversary of iPhone. Apple is known to release two different models of smartphones for each version. But, rumors claim that the iPhone 8 will have three different variants with different screen sizes.

The iPhone 8 is also expected to adapt some of the great features of iPhone 7 like Splash, Water and Dust resistance capability. But, for those who do not know, water-resistant devices can only resist the penetration of water to some degree and not entirely.

There is big difference between Water-resistant and Waterproof devices. Waterproof definition is straightforward; it means the device is impervious to water. So, users should think twice before totally soaking their iPhone 8 device underwater for too long.

According to a report from News.com.au, the iPhone 8 might also feature an edge-to-edge display. There is also a high chance that Apple might remove the Home Button of iPhone 8 to make its screen plainer and smoother. Reports also claim that Apple could get rid of the charging cable of iPhone 8, giving it wireless charging capabilities.

The iPhone 8 will also have an OLED Display that comes with an integrated fingerprint Touch ID sensor. Although rumors claim that the iPhone 8 is now under development, there is still no confirmation from Apple regarding the material it will use for its housing.

Reports say that the housing of the iPhone 8 could either be aluminum, glass, ceramic or even plastic for a bendable screen. To know the latest news, updates and rumors about the iPhone 8, stay tuned to Game & Guide.

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