One Piece Anime Cancelled: Manga Is About to End Soon, Will Sanji Leave the Strawhat Pirate Crew?

By Gloven Ramos , Updated Nov 05, 2016 08:50 PM EDT

After the latest One Piece manga chapter 845 was released, rumors started that the anime series is going to be cancelled. However, the rumor turned out to be false, but a delay in the anime is possible to happen.

Due to the gap between the manga chapters and anime series, the possibility that the One Piece anime is going to be delayed might come true. The manga chapters have to come first before the anime. Therefore, if there is a delay in the manga, it is most likely that there will be a delay with the anime series. 

The latest episode in the One Piece anime series is episode 763, a few episodes from the latest manga series chapter 845. The anime is dangerously close to the source material which might cause some delay. The anime creators have not confirmed the reports that the animated series will be delayed.

Recently in the One Piece series, The Black Leg Sanji, the cook of the Strawhat crew was forced to marry Pudding, the Big Mom Pirates Captain's daughter. Some terrible consequences is expected to happen if Sanji will reject the marriage, like the assassination of his close friends. Sanji has no choice but to let himself marry Big Mom daughter.

Luffy sailed to save Sanji, but the latter decided to do what he thinks is right, and it is to marry Pudding. To save his friends, Sanji sacrificed himself. Once the marriage is done, Black Leg will no longer be part of the Strawhat crew, but Luffy will never let it happen. Fans are wondering whether Sanji will leave the crew which will be answered on the upcoming One Piece manga chapter 846.

Theories and rumors spread out that the One Piece manga is about to end. Based on the current story and episodes, many facts, information about the raftel island, and the increasing intensity of the story are shown. People are getting too excited and curious how this story will flow until the end. One Piece anime series and manga series will continue until no announcement of any delays are confirmed.

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