Gears of War Movie Adaptation Gets Battleship Producer

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Apr 30, 2013 10:15 AM EDT

The Gears of War movie is moving ahead with Battleship and Ted movie producer Scott Stuber producing, according to a report.

Stuber, Variety writes, will now work on the movie’s script with Epic Games. As of now, apart from Stuber, no one else has been confirmed to be working on the film, and any details about the rest of the crew are still unknown. In addition, the movie does not have a title. Stuber does have a first look deal with Universal although that does not mean the company will wind up working on the movie. 

Previously, New Line Cinema was expected to produce the movie adaptation of the game in 2007. However the ubiquitous "creative differences" prevented the film from being made there.

Stuber is known for producing comedies like Ted, Role Models and Identity Thief as well as action flicks such as Safe House and the upcoming 47 Ronin. Stuber was also the Co-President of production at Universal Pictures with Mary Parent, and later in 2004, Stuber and Parent were named Vice Chairman of Worldwide Production for Universal Pictures.

“The videogame story,” Variety writes, “is set on the planet Sera and follows a former P.O.W. who is civilization’s best hope in the fight against the Locust Horde, a race of creatures who emerged from beneath the planet’s surface and are intent on eliminating humankind.”

Video game movies without the words Resident Evil in the title tend to languish. Bioshock and Halo, among others, failed to see the light of the day due to budget issues and creative differences between the film studio and videogame company.

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