'Pokemon GO' Release Date, News & Update: Everything You Need To Know About Daily Quests, Exciting Bonuses

By Ben Lindon , Updated Nov 07, 2016 08:16 PM EST

Majority of the players seem to be satisfied about the latest news of the "Pokemon GO" daily Quest Reward feature. According to reports, the discovery was found in the metadata of the game itself. Fans can soon get to enjoy the daily bonuses by simply playing the game on successive days.Niantic also provided an outline that shows how these daily quests work.

According to Game news, "Pokemon GO" trainers will be able to get a bonus for specific daily activities pretty soon. These include visiting a PokeStop at least once a day and catching a Pokemon. The big advantage is that trainers can earn much bigger bonuses when these activities are done for seven days straight, Polygon reported.

If you get to catch a Pokemon every day then you'll also have the 500XP and 600 stardust bonuses. For those who will play "Pokemon GO" and catch Pokemon for seven consecutive days will definitely get more exciting bonuses including 2,000 XP and 2,400 stardust.

Visiting a PokeStop and spinning the Photo Disc daily will also give you rewards such as 500 XP and a couple of additional items. And for those who will visit a PokeStop for seven days in a row will earn 2,000 XP and greater number of additional items.

Meanwhile, Eevee is now one of the Pokemon that hatches out of a five-kilometer egg according to Reddit. This is quite a news for players who have cracked open one too many eggs that need far more steps, only to find the normal type instead of far more desirable Pokemon. Eevee previously takes up a slot in the random rotation of Pokemon that could be inside the coveted 10-kilometer egg.

"Pokemon GO" players will get Pokemon eggs only after leveling up or after a number of PokeStop visit, which require between two and 10 kilometers worth of steps in order to hatch. Finding a 10-kilometer egg may be rare but is also considered exciting as it guarantees a unique Pokemon. Watch video about DAILY QUESTS COMING TO POKÉMON GO (Trainer Tips Q&A #9)

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