‘Fallout 4’ Latest News & Update: New DLC Confirmed? Bethesda Reveals More Patches to Come; ‘Fallout 5’ in the Works! Gameplay Details

By Tim Armstrong , Updated Nov 07, 2016 08:29 AM EST

Despite the announcement from game developer Bethesda that "Fallout 4" Nuka World DLC is the last expansion of the popular action role-playing video game, many reports have emerged suggesting that the company will continue to release several updates or patches. According to the latest reports, Bethesda's announcement was meant for major DLC updates and does not include patches for minor changes and bug fixes.

The game developer has already rolled out a new "Fallout 4" in 1.7.19 patch that said to have covered the Bethesda.net mods. Although Bethesda has not provided any statement with regard to the new update, many fans believe that the company will launch many more patches in the future.

In a report by Neurogadget, when Bethesda rolled out the "Fallout 4" Nuka World DLC, several fans have expressed their complaints with regard to some game issues and. According to the report, these new updates will address those errors to make sure players will continued to get the best gaming experience.

The current "Fallout 4" Nuka World DLC is not the only expansion Bethesda was having problems with. During the release of "Contraptions Workshop" and "Far Harbor," players were also getting several issues and bugs that were later fixed by the game developer by releasing new patches.

Despite the company's failure to provide further details with regard to its future plan for "Fallout 4," many fans appreciate the new important updates, which are meant to fix whatever issues the game may have for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. Whether Bethesda will release a new update for the game anytime soon, it is yet to be known.

Meanwhile, according to Fraghero, a new sequel to "Fallout 4" could be just around the corner following the supposed unintentional revelation of voice actor Ryan Alosio that "Fallout 5" is in the works. As of the moment, Bethesda has yet to provide the official details of the development and release of "Fallout 5." Stay tuned for more news and updates about "Fallout 4" and the upcoming sequel, "Fallout 5."

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