Is Xbox Fusion the Name of Microsoft's Next Generation Console?

By Luke Caulfield , Updated May 02, 2013 08:57 AM EDT

Microsoft's set to finally reveal their new console later this month, so when the news broke that the company decided to register a wide array of domains, it was curious to say the least.

As Fusible reports, Microsoft is the owner of a wide range of sites featuring "Fusion" in the domain, including,,,,, just to to name a few. They've also registered, and

It's important to note that while Xbox 720 seems to have been a popular name for Microsoft's next console, it's never been officialy referred to as such by Microsoft. Up until recently, the company has refused to even acknowledge the purported console, refusing to comment on rumors regarding the console for some time now.

Previous reports claimed Microsoft was referring to it as Project Kryptos, pictures that found its way to a forum referenced it as "Durango," and a "leaked" document had the console being called "Fortaleza."

Whatever Microsoft has planned for "Fusion," we'll hopefully find out when they finally reveal their new console later this month. 

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