'Street Fighter V' Latest News & Updates: Capcom Confirms Adding Akuma; Coming to PlayStation Experience Next Month!

By Wenilyn A. , Updated Nov 07, 2016 09:51 AM EST

Capcom just confirmed that it will add Akuma to "Street Fighter V." During the Red Bull Battle Grounds event this weekend, Capcom revealed that one of the game's most awaited and most popular character will be added to the new character updates of "Street Fighter V."

This revelation was dropped alongside a short character teaser of Akuma in "Street Fighter V." Although brief, the teaser hinted juicy and interesting details of what fans can expect from the highly-anticipated character addition including its future capabilities

The kanji of Akuma in the trailer of "Street Fighter V" seems different, as per Game Informer . Whereas the usual kanji of Akuma that translates as "Heaven" which also depicts the symbolic moment for Akuma's Raging Demon, the one in the trailer depicted the kanji for "god" that is over "man."

This kanji often symbolizes Shin Akuma which is a more powerful and a murderous form of Akuma. As such, the media outlet speculated whether this might be the look that Akuma is going to sport in "Street Fighter V."

Another thing noticeable from the trailer of "Street Fighter V," as the media outlet further noted, is the view of a temple ravaged by the storm. This image of a wrecked temple was followed by several flashes of light that depicts Akuma's Shon Goku Satsu. 

Encountering issues with balancing new characters in the previous installment of "Street Fighter IV," however, developers are careful not overpower the new characters to be introduced for "Street Fighter V."

  In a report of Red Bull, "Street Fighter V" developer Yoshinari Ori expressed his concern over some considerations to be taken in adding any characters including game strategies and how the community in itself can affect the characters. "When I watch and see something news, I immediately ask, 'Is this going to be okay?''' Ori divulged, as the report quoted. "If there is something uncounterable, then that's where I think we might need to make a change," he further said as to describe the considerations they are taking for "Street Fighter V."

Although there has been no release date announced for the coming of Akuma in "Street Fighter V," the gaming community can play the character during the PlayStation Experience on December 3-4 in Anaheim, California. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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