Pokemon Go Latest News & Update: v0.45.0 Release, Poor Rating; Niantic’s Code Generation2, New Pokemons; IOS, Android Users, No PokeStop Access?

By henric , Updated Nov 08, 2016 08:14 AM EST

The latest v0.45.0 is reported to have obtained a poor rating from the Pokemon Go players. A lot of gamers have criticized Niantic when it removed the Pokemon tracker.

It's clear the fans wanted more of Pokemons after its launch just days ago. Although Pokemon is clearly more popular than other mobile games, players are now exhausted of the repetitive Pokemon characters being caught while playing the game.

Gamers are now wanting to see a newer Pokemon version that would produce more unusual Pokemon characters. Reports are also claiming that favorite Pokemons are unavailable, and are not accessible. However, Niantic is currently developing the game and is bringing good news! There has been another batch of Pokemon added to the new code.

The code for the new update is known as Generation 2. Recently, generation 2 has been discovered on the game's file's and Ditto Pokemon is now joining the rest of the Pokemons. As reported by Tech Crunch, the code was discovered by a group of Go players known as TheSilphRoad, who are focused on finding the Pokemons spawn areas.

Reports claims that Niantic's new batch of Pokemons will just challenge people to be interested in the game. Gen 2 will bring players back, but after a few days, people will be asking about the Gen 3. Keeping the game fresh is Niantic's mission to attract new generation of players.

While this new code provides satisfaction to the gamers, there are speculations that players are now getting frustrated with the new IOS and Android update. The Pokestops are now inaccessible, in which gamers are now unable to collect items, or points when you're travelling in a car or train, Business Insider reports.

Niantic has yet to prove that Pokemon Go is still alive. Stay tuned to Gamenguide for more Pokemon updates.

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