GameStop To Stop Accepting PlayStation 2 Trade-Ins From June 1; End Of An Era For A Beloved Console

By Binu Paul , Updated May 06, 2013 10:08 AM EDT

The once-popular PlayStation 2 is fast fading into the memory hole and according to an in-store signage spotted by Reddit users, GameStop will end all PlayStation 2-related trade-ins as of June 1.

The image of a store display was snapped by Reddit user eGORapTure and according to Destructoid, "PlayStation 2 was the final last-generation system that GameStop stores were taking in, as the chain had stopped accepting GameCube systems early last year, and Xbox consoles a few years prior."

According to the image, the retailer's decision to stop accepting trade-ins will apply to all PS2 games, accessories and consoles. "We contacted multiple GameStop locations and confirmed the news that all PS2 games, accessories and systems will not be accepted for trade across all US stores at that time," Joystiq reports.

Production of PlayStation 2 systems in Japan stopped in late December 2010 after a historical run of nearly 13 years with over 150 million units shipped worldwide. There were nearly 10,000 games created for the console.

The best-selling video game console of all time, PlayStation 2 was mainly responsible for popularizing the DVD home video era that its popularity grew to a point where Saga was forced to shut down its Dreamcast console and cease its hardware development both in the US and Japan.

A large volume of GameStop's sales came from PlayStation 2's huge collection of titles including the Metal Gear series, Sly Cooper, Killzone, Gran Turismo, and Jak and Daxter in addition to an equally massive library of RPGs from major publishers such as Namco Bandai, Square-Enix, Atlus and more.

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