'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Niantic Made Players Furious On Recent Update

By Daniel Flores , Updated Nov 09, 2016 03:06 PM EST

The new update for "Pokemon Go" has just arrive and many players are furious by the way things the augmented mobile game have change. In the recent patch, "Pokemon Go" has several new changes for its gameplay and players are not having a positive review about the update.

What's New On The 'Pokemon Go' Update?

According to Polygon, the "Pokemon Go" update brings disadvantages when opposing team players conquer PokeGyms in the game as the prestige level drops drastically. The recent "Pokemon Go" patch also changes the prestige level on gym training, earning less prestige points when players train against PokeGyms that belong to their own teams.

Other than the PokeGyms, PokeStops for "Pokemon Go" are also affected by the new update of the augmented game. Some players admitted that the PokeStop in "Pokemon Go" will no longer work when players are travelling at a certain speed.

On the previous update, "Pokemon Go" players can still easily collect items on PokeStops if players just tap on the "I'm a passenger" button on the screen when riding on vehicles. However, that feature has been altered by the recent patch of "Pokemon Go" and fans are not happy about it.

Some players have gone mad over the new "Pokemon Go" update when it rolled out on Monday and many have expressed their frustrations at the "Pokemon Go" subreddit webpage. On the account, "Pokemon Go" players blamed Niantic for lacking a proper communication website for its fan base and some players ask why the company is making peculiar features for "Pokemon Go."

"Pokemon Go" was a global success when the augmented mobile game app debuted on July this year and many Pokemon fans have been ecstatic about the game. However, with recent events and shortcomings, many fans have grown tired of playing "Pokemon Go" and since then, the "Pokemon Go" craze was short lived.

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