‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Special Crossover Update Happening Before Holidays? More Things Coming From Niantic

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 08, 2016 12:40 PM EST

The weeks have seen Niantic incrementally introduce new features to “Pokemon Go”. The most notable are the Buddy System, color-coded egg-hatching, and the improved nearby tracking feature, which is limited to San Francisco for now.

More updates from Niantic are expected in the coming days which could take from the successful Halloween offering “Pokemon Go” had to offer. Recall how some ghost-type creatures came out and candy payouts were more.

Thanksgiving is reportedly next "Pokemon Go" event, but the big one is expected once December comes around. While it is likely that a lot of the new features would include a generous offer of candies and some rarely spotted pocket monsters, some have gone as far as to hook up “Pokemon Sun and Moon” as well.

A lot of this has to do with rumors claiming that a big update will be rolled out for “Pokemon Go” on Nov. 18, ironically the same day that “Pokemon Sun and Moon” will be launched, per reports“Pokemon Go” and “Pokemon Sun and Moon” are managed by different groups so it will be interesting how they can be tied up.

An appearance by certain characters from the latter could make sense, an effort to help spur attention for the upcoming game on the 3DS, Forbes reported. An Alola rollout could make sense for “Pokemon Go”, seeing that a lot of the characters on “Pokemon Sun and Moon” are tied up to that.

But how can Niantic effectively introduce and withdraw those characters in "Pokemon Go"? Would they be rares as well?

Right now it remains to be seen how both “Pokemon Go” and “Pokemon Sun and Moon” can help the other. Pre-orders for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” have been spiking and the game has already been tagged as the most pre-ordered game for Nintendo.

That said, it may be the other way around as to who is helping who. With Niantic needing all the help it can get, it may be “Pokemon Go” getting a big boost and not the upcoming “Pokemon Sun and Moon”.

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